5 Steps To Effectively Invite Women To Join Your Cell Meeting


Inviting people to your motherhood cell group is a core part of the Champions program.

This is more important when you are launching a brand new group for the first time. Whenever you’re starting something new it’s easy to begin to get overwhelmed with all the bases that needs to be covered.

The following are 5 steps to effectively invite women to join your cell meeting.

1. Just Start

The scariest part of starting your motherhood cell group is the beginning, but once you decide to take the big step, you will realise it’s not so difficult.

The best way to start is to pick a date that you intend to hold your first meeting. It is important to discover what times best suit your population.. After you have picked your date, move on to the next step.

2. Invite As Many People As Possible

Before you start your first cell group meeting, sit down with a piece of paper and make a list of all the people you can possibly invite to your small group.

With a completed invite list and flyers in hand, it’s time to go out and invite each person.

As you invite each person, ask them if you can write down their email and phone number to remind them when the meeting is a day or two away.

Talk about the benefits. When the opportunity arises, casually share with them how the group can affect them positively.

When you’re starting a new group you have to reach out to as many people as possible and get the word out about it. Talk to women in your place of worship, work, neighbourhood. You can also invite people around you by phone, email, Facebook or Whatsapp!

Do not be passive and hope people show up to your first meeting. Get out there and start initiating relationships. We recommend personally inviting 15-25 people when launching a new group.

You have been provided with a flyer you can use to invite women. You can photocopy this flyer to ensure that you don’t run out of them.

A Champion may invite 5 people out to their group and then assume that they’ll have 5 people showing up to their meeting. This is not the case. As a Champion, you must understand that you will not see 100% of the people you invite, show up to your motherhood cell group meeting. You always have to personally invite more people out to your group then you are hoping to see to attend.

Experienced Champions realize that you usually have to personally invite 25 people for 15 to say they will attend. Of those 15, usually only 8 to 10 will actually show up, and of those only 5 to 7 will be regular attenders after a month or so.

3. Don’t Be Discouraged By Rejection

Most people you invite may have never heard about Mamalette or would never have heard of a motherhood cell group before so don’t be surprised if they are not interested.

If they say no, don’t become discouraged, and don’t give up. Refuse to allow their negative response to cause an uncomfortable tension, other opportunities will arise for you to invite them again. When the timing seems right, ask again.

If they say yes, prepare them for the experience—it will reduce their anxiety. Let them know what you will wear. Describe the basic format of your group and cell meeting. If they have children, let them know whether they can come along with their children.

4. Reminder Call and Text

When the cell group meeting is one to two days away, send out a reminder message with all the info about the cell group meeting. After you send out the group message, have each person receive a reminder call from you.

5. Plan To Have Incentives For Attendees

Many Champions say that having incentives at meetings helps encourage women to attend and to keep coming for meetings.