Nigeria is one of the most dangerous places in the world to give birth and to be born. According to UNICEF, a woman’s chance of dying from pregnancy and childbirth in Nigeria is 1 in 13.

One of the underlying causes of the high maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria includes limited availability of timely and reliable health information for decision-making and poor access to and use of health facilities. In addition, there remains a lack of collective community knowledge on safe and healthy pregnancy and infant care.

Mamalette is a platform that focuses on improving health outcomes for urban poor pregnant women and new mothers while simultaneously providing employment opportunities for women.

Mamalette trains experienced mothers who work as health champions in various neighbourhoods. Our Mamalette Champions provide education, maternal and infant health information and support to pregnant women and new mothers.

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We use experienced mothers living within urban-poor communities to act as maternal and infant health champions sharing important lifesaving maternal and infant health information, through peer support, group meetings and awareness campaigns.

We use mothers living in these communities because those closest to the problem are closest to the solution. Also the women know and trust the women that they are seeking support from.

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