Tell us about yourself.

My name is Folashade Adebawo. I am a teacher by profession and I am married with 2 lovely kids.

As a child, what did you want to become in future? What do you do now?

Growing up, I wanted to become a nurse but ended up studying accounting. I eventually became a teacher.

Why did you volunteer as a Mamalette Champion?

Folashade at the Mamalette/Aliko Dangote Foundation 2019 World Breastfeeding Week Workshop.

I am so passionate about educating people.

What was a striking moment for you during this program?

Folashade with an enrolee in August 2019

One striking moment during the program was when I realised that most of my pregnant enrolees had delivered healthy looking babies. I attributed this to the prenatal education they had received during the Mamalette Home Visiting program.

Can you share a story of an enrolee whose life you have impacted during this program?

Folashade with an enrolee in August 2019

I will like to share the story of an enrolee, Fatimo who had two consecutive pregnancies. Fatimo was uneducated and did not believe in going to a hospital during pregnancy. As soon as I enrolled her in the Home Visiting program and started teaching her about the importance of antenatal care, nutrition in pregnancy etc., she agreed to register in a health clinic.

Mamalette supported her financially, as she was unable to afford the registration fees and fees required for blood tests and scans.

It was discovered that she had high blood pressure and hence she was advised to deliver her baby through a Caeserean Section. The C-Section was performed but herself and her family were unable to pay the hospital bill. I had to solicit for help from members of my community and Mamalette to pay off the bills and was pleased when a donor offered to pay the lion share of the bill.

What message do you have for other women who are looking to make an impact in their communities?

Folashade with an enrolee in August 2019

There are many challenges you will face when trying to do work in your community. However you can always overcome them when you have the desire and will to truly be of help.