Describe a typical day as a Home Visiting supervisor.

A typical day as a home Visiting Supervisor to me is like another opportunity to impact, influence and save lives. I always look forward to going on supervision visits although it can be challenging a times, most especially during the rainy season. However, the satisfaction derived from it and the smiles on the beneficiaries faces is worth it all.

Tell us about your background. How does it relate to this position?

Am a graduate of Human Kinetics, a native of Ilaje from Ondo State, Nigeria.

I grew up in a polygamous family with my mum being the last wife and mother of 5 kids.

My father being a chief had 6 wives then and the least children given birth to by each wife is 8 children except for my Mum who gave birth to 5 children. As a result; there was a lot of challenges growing up.

I suffered otitis media as an infant growing up till now, and it affected all aspect of my life, which I can say to a large extent, not funny at all. 

I had always want to be a Pediatric Doctor but I ended up studying Human Kinetics due to financial constraints; hence I took my time volunteering for organizations that have the mission to improve people’s health. 

Working as a Home Visiting Supervisor was influenced to a large extent by my background. I have always looked for avenues to put into good impactful use my experiences and wanted to encourage people mostly to go for family planning. Also I love to teach new mothers about the importance of paying attention to infant health especially for the first 1000 days of life, maybe if I had specialist treatment then as an infant, my ear health wouldn’t have degenerated to this extent and I wouldn’t have to keep managing it and foregoing of some activities I like doing to always keep my ears dry. 

I have always been an ardent advocate of child health and being a Home Visiting Supervisor provided that platform for me.

Did you have any volunteer experience prior to this job and why you think it has prepared you for a full-time nonprofit role.

Prior to be a Home Visiting Supervisor, I had volunteered and still volunteer for various not-for-profit organizations. 

I volunteered at Project REVAMP Africa as an on-site facilitator in Port Harcourt Nigeria, to train school students on moral values and goals setting in 2018 till date.

I also volunteered as a student Volunteer at International Red Cross Society, Nigeria Division, Ondo state Chapter throughout my undergraduate study for 4 years.

I believed my various volunteering experiences has prepared me for a full-time non-profit role.

Having worked as a volunteer for various organizations in different departments as broaden my knowledge and skills and the practical accept of each role occupied and each skill acquired during each volunteering program has equipped with all the necessary skills needed to thrive in a non-profit organization.  Lives impacted and satisfaction derived from volunteering makes for a beautiful story and I wouldn’t want to work elsewhere. Volunteerism is a lifestyle to me and have grown to love it.

Why does the Mamalette mission resonate with you?

The Mamalette mission of reducing maternal and neonatal mortality and not only reducing it, but to also ensure mother’s and children enjoy optimum health; resonates greatly with me. I have always being an ardent advocate of child health and the whole family as a whole.

I never enjoyed sound health as a child growing up; and am more than convinced there are a lot of children out there going through similar situations. And I believe a healthy enlightened mother will bring up healthy children and take proactive steps to ensure her child enjoys the best even in her own little way.

What was a striking moment for you during this program?

The most striking moment for me during this program was when a program enrolee complained of her toddler’s ear health (pus discharge and pains) despite having visited a doctor and been prescribed medications. At that moment I was compelled to share my story and encouraged her to seek immediate care at a specialist hospital, which am glad she did. 

What was your overall experience on the program?

My overall experience of the program has been mind-blowing.

It’s a different thing hearing about what people are passing through and it’s a different thing being able to see things yourself

And it’s a different thing being able to help in your own little way and being a part of the changemakers.

I am most especially grateful for this platform, it has encouraged me and it inspired me to want to do more for my society.